Christian Formation


Adult education at Grace is found in various settings. We have a Saturday morning Bible study at the church. We have periodic lectures/discussions that take place at the church either before or following our 10 a.m. service or during the week. Our most active adult Christian education opportunity currently is our Small Group ministry that meets weekly, at various times during the year, in parishioners’ homes, for a shared meal and discussion of a spiritual or Biblical topic.

Children and Youth at Grace

We are always happy to have children and teens in worship here at Grace Church! And we welcome anyone of any age to communion. In former days in the Episcopal Church, the practice was to wait until you were confirmed as a teenager to receive communion. Today, even young children are welcome to receive the sacrament. Of course, that choice is up to the parents – your children are welcome to receive the bread and wine or a blessing from the priest. Below you will find what we offer for children and youth here at Grace Church. Please feel free to ask questions!

Child Care (up to age 3) – Grace Church has child care for all children up through age 3 in the nursery every Sunday from 8:45 a.m. until 12:45. The Grace Church nursery was lovingly renovated in 2010 and is staffed by two child care providers who are trained and licensed teachers. Please see an usher who will help you find the way to the nursery, and please feel free as well to come and go during the service to take your children to the nursery whenever it’s helpful to your family.

Sunday School (age 3 to 14) – We welcome all children between the ages of 3 and 12 in our Sunday School, which meets in Gammell Hall most Sundays during the 10 a.m. service. The children begin the service with their families and then process out together with the Sunday School teachers just before the first Bible reading. There is no Sunday School on the second Sunday of each month, as the children are in church with their families, and the rector preaches a children’s homily that day. Our Sunday School uses the Living the Good News curriculum, a lectionary-based (i.e., following the readings that are read in church on that Sunday) approach to Christian education. For how to find our Sunday School on Sunday morning, ask an usher to show you the way.  If you have any questions about the Sunday School, feel free ask the rector or our Sunday School Coordinator, Kristie Puster (  We hope you’ll join us!