Music at Grace

It is clear that music was seen as vital as early as 1845 given that Richard Upjohn’s design of the present church provided for an organ. The Grace Church Choir has played an active and important role in parish life since 1855. We regularly hear from and occasionally are visited by former choristers who in the course of their reminiscence about their time in the Grace Church Choir uniformly speak of the impact that it has had on their lives. In 2015 Grace experienced an addition to the music program with the founding of the Grace Church Choristers. This choir provides an excellent musical opportunity for children (both boys and girls) ranging in age from 7 to 18. The Choristers often sing with the adults of the Grace Church Choir, usually twice per month.

All the music in our worship is offered to the glory of God, and through God’s gift of music we seek to contribute to the worship experience at Grace Church. Our music program provides opportunities for all to participate in and experience the transcendent power of liturgically appropriate offerings of many periods and styles.

We believe that liturgy is truly the work of the people. As such, our essential and largest ensemble is our congregation. We also believe that (as St. Augustine is credited with saying) “He who sings prays twice.” Because of this we seek to find ways of encouraging all to make a joyful noise in corporate singing. The hymns we sing are often familiar and sometimes new and challenging. They are chosen to commemorate a particular season or feast and/or reflect upon or illuminate a text from the lectionary of the day. We sing the service music (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus & Benedictus, Agnus Dei) together most Sundays with the Choir offering a choral setting on most feast days during the choral season. We vary the service music and hymns on a seasonal basis to help punctuate the rhythm of the church year.

In addition to our congregational singing, Grace Church supports an active choral program. We believe that working together as a community to bring sacred texts to life through musical performance is one viable means of Christian Formation.

If you have any questions regarding musical activities at Grace Church, whether it’s joining one of our choirs or inquiring about a concert taking place at Grace, please email our Director of Music, Vince Edwards at