How to join us

We have a very diverse congregation at Grace Church and welcome everyone. Our welcoming hospitality includes a coffee hour following the 10 a.m. Sunday service, either at the back of the church or — in good weather — outside on the Westminster Street sidewalk.

There are many ways of membership and participation here. Some people prefer to participate in activities and services without formally “joining” the church. Everyone is welcome to attend all of our services and programs. Anyone who seeks Christ is welcome to participate fully in the sacraments of the Church, including receiving Holy Communion. Many who worship with us do choose to become part of the family in a more official way. Membership can take several forms, from simply filling out a membership form, to providing a letter of transfer from another church, to participating in a special ceremony of welcome. There are several ways one can join the Cathedral officially.

Contact the parish administrator in the church office for more information about joining Grace Church officially.