A Word from our Rector

As Christians, and particularly as Episcopalians, we value community, continuity of past present and future, and what we would call in the Church the “communion of saints.” In a piece last week, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote, “Later . . . is over.” By this he meant that the world is changing so fast, that you can no longer say, “I’ll get around to visiting that later,” because later will be too late. He also wrote that three other words—privacy, local, and average—“are over.” I would add that the word “earlier” may also be over. Or, at least, “earlier” is no longer valued in the way it once was. What we, as Christians, proclaim is that while “now” certainly matters, “later” and “earlier” are also important. The communion of saints means that we are connected in a profound way to our fellow Christians who no longer walk this earth. We don’t live in “earlier,” nor should we. But having a sense of being connected with “earlier” gives depth to our lives now. Perhaps this is a gift that we in the church can give to the world.

– The Rev. Canon Jonathan Huyck, Rector