A Message from our Rector

Alleluia! Christ is risen! What followed that first Easter was not a continuation but a radically new beginning. The disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t even recognize the risen Christ, after spending hours with him on the road, until he broke bread with them. The hard part of the Easter message is that we often don’t want a radically new beginning. I remember seeing a T-shirt years ago that read, “But I don’t want another growth experience!” Many of us, much of the time, simply want a continuation of what we know, which is totally normal and utterly human. What Easter promises is not more of the same, but something gloriously new, which can seem both hopeful and a bit scary!

When the Civil War began, all Abraham Lincoln hoped for was the preserve the status quo of the Union of the states and to prevent the expansion of slavery. Four years later, slavery itself was destroyed and the nation was radically reborn (although the work of social justice would continue for the next century and more) in a way that Lincoln—and all Americans—could never have expected or hoped for.

God has given us not the roadmap, but the compass that points the way to new and unending life with God. Easter, the resurrection of God’s own Son, shines as a beacon ahead of us and provides light for our journey along the way. Happy Easter!

– The Rev. Canon Jonathan Huyck, Rector

Easter Sunday, April 20, 8 and 10 am. A children’s Easter celebration and egg hunt will be held immediately after the 10 am service.

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